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Safety for Women

Weight Loss Programme (HCG)

Want to lose some weight? Pink Ladies has teamed up with Intermountain HCG to offer you a fantastic price on this revolutionary weight loss programme.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women and almost completely controls the metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy.  Contrary to popular belief however, the HCG used in the HCG diet protocols is a variation of the HCG form used for fertility treatments, and in a much smaller dose.  All HCG used for medical purposes  is natural, but created in laboratories from sterile cells.  It is NOT extracted from women or animal urine- a common misconception

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The Diet has 3 Phases

Phase 1

Start the drops and begin High Fat, High Calorie diet.
The is essential step in resetting the body’s fat regulating system. You must do this for 2 days.

Phase 2

Continue HCG drops that are now triggering the body to release stored fat as ‘FOOD’ for the body and supplement with the low calorie diet. 
The burned fat is providing a constant flow of fuel so you won’t feel hungry as pounds and inches melt away. This phase can be anywhere between 18 – 42 days.

Phase 3

Discontinue taking the drops but maintain the 500 calorie diet, in keeping with the food allowances set out below.  This phase is for a set 3 days to allow the drops to leave your system.

Maintenance Phase

The HCG has now left the system and the body’s fat regulation system is now adjusted.  Slowly increase calorie intake, (btw 1200 – 1500 calories) while stabilising your new weight.  You must try to stay clear of carbs and sugars in this phase. Continue to weigh yourself each morning.  Your weight may fluctuate give or take 2-3 pounds. This phase is for 14 days.

The Dosage:

10 drops 3 times a day.
You must NOT eat or drink 15 minutes before OR after taking the drops.
The drops must be administered under the tongue and held there for as long as possible.

Do’s and Dont’s

Do's Dont's
Weight yourself every morning before eating
Drink as much water as possible
No alcohol
No sugars whatsoever
No Massage
No Lotions Oils and Lubricants
No Gums or mints
No Butter oil or dressing
Mix vegetables in one sitting


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HCG is a strict diet plan which allows you only to eat certain foods, and
certain quantities of that food.

Points to remember:

  • If it is not on the food allowance list you can not have it, nor can you have a variation of it.
  • You cannot have the same item of food twice in one day.
  • You must weight all your food and stick to the guidelines
  • if having constipation try magnesium, Epson slat it is not unusual to only have a bowel movement once every 3 - 4days

You must eat 2 servings of each category a day, but remember you cannot have the same item twice in one day, for example...

Breakfast: Apple and breadstick

Lunch: chicken breast with lettuce, melba toast

Dinner: Cod with asparagus, orange


Plateau Breakers

  • Increase Water intake
  • Try green tea
  • Cut out apples
  • Cut down on beef or cut it out
  • Leave out the bread sticks

With all orders you will be emailed the Weight Loss Programme and Recipe book, which contains lots more information.

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