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Safety for Women

Pink Ladies Services

The difference bewteen Pink Ladies and a normal Taxi service is we have a through the door policy, our drivers make sure you are into the property safetly before driving away, they will come into the premises to collect you if you are unsteady on your feet, or, take you into the property.

If you want us to take your child to school you can be rest assured that once your child is in the car, our driver will act as the parent ensuring that your child is taken into school and past over to the secretary, likewise collecting them, and taking them to Grandmas or afterschool clubs.

The drivers will help you with your shopping pushchair or wheelchair.

Special requirements can be arranged such as, if you have an elderly parent who needs to go to a day centre, sometimes we are given the keycode to go in and help them get ready. We have all the contact details of family members so we can contact them if we find anything wrong when we go to collect them.

Part of our terms and conditions is to 'Car Share' this is not only for enviroment issues its to avoid not being able to accept your booking, as a Community transport we can run just like a bus service, for people going in the same direction. and as you are all members this hasn't been an issue.

Pink Ladies offers a Buddie Service, this is designed for members who need a help in hand.such as:

  • Accompanying you to an appointment.
  • Light Gardening
  • Shopping
  • Babysitting
  • Walking the dog
  • Or just companionship.

Maybe you work full time, and have an elderly parent and you need a bit of respite.  Give us a ring to discuss Pink Buddies on 0843 208 7465