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Safety for Women



Safety for women is where Pink Ladies members club starts and finishes, whether that is self protection, awareness of surrounding threats, or to help members care for their children.

One of the times when women feel most vunerable is nights, but there are some simple steps that will lesson any risks:

  • Plan ahead, and let others know your plans.
  • Try to stick to well lit areas, when on foot , and if walking home, be with friends
  • Stay alert, if alone, and walk with an air of confidence.
  • Watch your drinks at all times, carry a drink spiking kit, follow this link,


If traveling in a standard taxi always use a company that you know and trust, Ask for the drivers name, badge number and the price before your journey. If you feel threatened, or experience a situation that you are not happy with, ask the driver to stop in a busy area. Get out of the car, and if still unhappy call the police, noting the registration number of the car. YOU MUST REPORT ANY COMPALINTS TO YOUR LICENSING OFFICER OF YOUR COUNCiL NOT THE TAXI FIRM.

The Pink Ladies difference.

The members club presently operate in Warrington and surrounding areas with plans to expand nationally,

Members tell us that they love the difference…….

  • Uniformed Female Drivers
  • No cash in the cars
  • Through the door policy – whether that is watching or helping, members receive as much help as needed
  • In car computers, and built in safety alarm
  • Vehicle tracking at all times……We know where you are!!