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Membership Terms and Conditions - Pink Ladies Members Club


MEMBER A female who has joined Pink ladies Members Club in order to receive benefits of membership
MEMBERS CLUB The club that women join because they wish to be part of the organisation and enjoy the benefits of membership
MEMBERSHIP The agreement executed by Pink Ladies Members Club
AGREEMENT Which the member signs as part of their joining process
TRUSTEES The members' representatives who have responsibiltiy to manage the members club and its affairs on behalf of Pink Ladies Members
CARS Cars owned by the Members Club which are available for use by the MEMBERS, subject to the Terms and Conditions
JOINING FEE A discretional charge made by Pink Ladies Members Club to cover the administrative costs of pressing initial membership to the club
MEMBERSHIP FEE The charge made by Pink Ladies Members Club for continued membership.  This may be paid annually, monthly or any other method agreed by Pink Ladies Members Club
AGENT The agency satisfying the requirements of insurance and the constitutional conditions of Pink Ladies Members Club


The member agrees to absolute confidentiality, with respect to information revealed to the member as part of their membership, whether that information in conveyed by email, verbally, on paper or any other communication channel open to Pink ladies Members Club or its representatives.  Any information divulged to the member, in whatever format, is intended for the use of the person to whom it is addressed, that person being the member.  Any form of reproduction, dissemination, copying, disclosure and or use of the information, for whatever purpose, is strictly prohibited.  The obligations of confidentiality shall remain in effect for the duration of the Membership Agreement and two years subsequent to termination thereof.

Representation and Warranty

All materials, information and offers/benefits provided by Pink Ladies Members Club are provided "As Is" and Pink Ladies Members Club makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, including any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  In no event shall Pink Ladies Members Club or its representatives, be liable for any liability whether in contract, tort or otherwise for any losses or damage arising out of or relating to any membership benefits, or services offered by a third party.  In no event shall Pink Ladies members Club, or its representatives be liable for any direct or indirect losses, including, without limitation, any loss of prefits, contracts, production or use.


The Membership Agreement shall automatically renew upon each anniversary date, unless terminated in accordance with "Termination" below.


The Membership Agreement may be termination:

  • By either party giving the other thirty (30) days notice verbally or in writing
  • By Pink Ladies Members Club on written notice to the Member if the Member has committed any material breach to the Membership Agreement and in the case of a breach capacble of being rememdied, has failed to remedy the breach, within 30 days after receipt of a written request from Pink Ladies Members Club notifying the Member of such a breach.
  • By Pink Ladies Members Club on written notice to the Member if the Member failed to pay any sum(s) due to Pink Ladies Members Club or to any agent providing services to Pink Ladies Members Club and such sums remain unpaid for thirty (30) days after written notice from Pink Ladies Members Club that such sum(s) have not been paid.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, termation of the Membership Agreement for any reason shall not entitle the Member to any refund of the annual sum due under the Membership Agreement.


These Terms and Conditions may be modified by the inclusion by Pink Ladies Members Club of additional requirements or terms.  members will be notified via the secure Members' section on Pink Ladies Members website.  In the event that the Member does not agree to such additional requirements the Member may resign from Pink Ladies Members Club upon thirty (30) days notice, whether verbal or written.  Members shall not be entitled to a refund of Membership Fee pursuant to such a resignation.

Membership Responsibilities

Members are responsible for ensuring that all details provided at first registration are correct, including but not limited to contact name, contact address, contact telephone numbers, and other information required to satisfy Pink Ladies Members Club constitution.
Members are also required to update Pink Ladies Members Club of any changes to contact details after point of joining.
Members must report any loss or theft of Membership card to Pink Ladies Members Club or its Agent as soon as possible after the event has been discovered.  Members must not allow any unauthorised use of membership by third parties, unless the Member has affress such use with Pink Ladies Members Club or its representative.


Pink Ladies is a registered trademark.  Thid trademark is used by Pink Ladies Members Club under license from Launchpad UK Ltd and may not be used without the express permission of Launchpad UK Ltd

Data Protection

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, Pink Ladies Members Club is a data controller.  In order to enable Members to reserve a car through Pink ladies Members Clib's Agent it will be necessary to share Members information with is Agent, but only that information that is needed to confirm membership and status.


Pink Ladies Members Club will provide benefirst for Members including but not limited to discounts in shops, restaurants and services in the local area.  Inclusion in Pink Ladies Members Club's discount scheme does not represent a recommendation by Pink Ladies members Club and the Trustees will not be held responsible for any purchases, transactions or services received by the Member.  The Member is referred to "Representation and Warranty".

Cars and Reservations

Cars owned by Pink Ladies Members Club may be reserved for use by the Member at any time, but must be reserved in advance of the required time.