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Safety for Women


How do I become a member?

You can join Pink Ladies via the website, or call the office on 0843208 7465 you then need to activate your account and Top Up

How does it work?

To use Pink Ladies its neccessary to complete the membership form and pay the annual fee of £10.  We need this detail to ensure that you fit the criteria to use the service, and to set up your account.  Once a member we work with the individual in line with their requirements, whether the member needs a wheelchair access vehicle or a particular level of help, or simply aided travel.Once the account is activated, you will receive Discount and money off vouchers, worth over £50 these can be used by any member of the family. when you need a car call the office and book, prepaying for the journey.

How do I top up?

No Cash in the cars - instead we operate a pre-payment system (very much like mobile phones) were a member pays by Debit or Credit Card, before the journeys are taken. If this is an issue alternative arrangements may be made please ask for details.

What do you mean by car sharing?

We are a community transport organisation, providing a transport service for Women, Children and men with a disability, who have issues using any other form of travel, for whatever reason. Members are required to share cars in line with our envioronmental and membership policy.

Can my partner come with me?

Yes you may take a male partner with you, but he must enter the car after you and leave before you, he can never book a car for himself, this is safety for our drivers.

How many passengers does your cars carry?


Pink Ladies have Renault kangoo's they carry 4 passengers.

Can I use my account to transport a friend or another family member?

Yes, as long as you authorise the journey to be taken off your account.

Will you take my child to School?

Yes, Pink Ladies has a through the door policy, Once the child is onboard, our driver becomes an acting parent and ensure that they get through the door safely or collecting from inside the premises and hand them over to the required adult at the other end.

Do you go out of Town?

Once you are a member of Pink Ladies you can book a car to take you or pick you up, anywhere you wish, just ring the office and they will help you with you enquiry

Do you take people to the airport and pick up's?

Yes we go to both Manchester Liverpool even Blackpool if you wish, on return flights we take your flight number at point of booking, so that we can watch your flight on line, members usually ring the office when they are at the baggage carousel, to save on waiting time.

Can I make a regular booking?

Yes this is very popular with our members, if you are going somewhere on a regular basis, then let us know, once its on the system you don't have to worry about ringing every day/week it just turns up for you, only if your not going, you MUST inform the office.